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Are you ready to run all your content marketing in Notion?

Save time, hit deadlines, and publish better content using the all-in-one content marketing hub for Notion.

The Porpoise content marketing hub is a comprehensive set of Notion templates designed to help you manage an end-to-end content marketing program, whether you have one writer or dozens.

The hub was created by a team of content and product marketers with decades of combined experience. We based these templates on ones we've actually used to run content marketing at venture-backed startups and have spent countless hours refining them.

Who is this for?

Whether your content marketing program is one writer publishing a couple times per month or dozens of writers publishing every day, you'll find value in the Porpoise content marketing hub.

The linked templates take advantage of expert-level Notion features to keep your content organized, help you align everything you create to your goals, track progress, and make sure you hit deadlines.

What you get

For a one-time payment of $67, you'll get over a dozen templates, as well as any future updates. You get instant access to:

✔️ Content, social media, and outreach calendars

✔️ Pre-built article template

✔️ Keyword tracker

✔️ Writer management

✔️ Style guide template

✔️ Project template

✔️ Content plan template

✔️ Budget tracker

✔️ Pre-flight checklist template

✔️ Scorecard

✔️ Quarterly report

Frequently asked questions

How do I use the Content Hub?

You'll need a free Notion account to use the content marketing hub. Once you purchase the hub, we'll send you a link to the view-only content marketing hub in Notion. Follow our instructions to copy it to your own Notion account, and then follow on-screen instructions to set up the hub for your use.

Does Notion cost money?

The content marketing hub will work with both the free and paid versions of Notion. You do not need to pay for Notion to use the hub!

What if I don't find this useful?

We're confident that the Porpoise content marketing hub will help you manage your content marketing, but if for any reason you're unhappy or run into an issue, email us at

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You'll get access to templates for running your content marketing in Notion.


Content marketing hub

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